02 June 2015

Sailor Moon: Sailor Mars 03

sailor moon cosplay - sailor mars 3Wait. Are you the one everyone is talking about?

Yes. I’m Sailor Mars. They all call me “Flame Sniper.”

Are you ready?

Burning without making a sound; to me that’s the best way to do things
I have to strike ahead of the foe Love and Battle; to me they’re both the same
And even when I dream my heart it blazes with a fire ardent
If I ever think “I want it”, I have to snatch it away and make it my own

“Flame Sniper”
Lyrics Translation by Anime Lyrics

When I first watched Sailor Moon as a child, I didn’t like Rei for being so bossy towards Usagi. But now that I’m older, I think I actually looked up to Rei!

Anyway, if anyone knows who the cosplayer is, please let me know! Thanks again to Shuichi for sending this in!

Source: Z攻略

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  1. I don't know her website, but I believe her name is Anly Zhang.