24 August 2010

D. Gray-man: Lenalee Lee 03

d. gray-man cosplay - lenalee lee 03Lenalee, who went insane when she was separated from her brother, Komui, fights for him and her friends, knowing she has a home to return to. Her perception of the “world” consists of her friends and family and whenever someone she cares for dies, she deems that a part of her world has also been destroyed.

Lenalee has known Kanda Yu since childhood, and often ran to him for comfort whenever her brother was busy. She met Allen Walker when he first arrived at the Order and became attached to him, hinting that she may have feelings for Allen.

Beautiful cosplay! Although some people may argue she has the wrong colored hair, I think that’s a minor setback. Thanks to Vicky for sending this in!

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