25 May 2009

xxxHolic: Ichihara Yuuko

xxxholic cosplay - ichihara yuuko 02A mysterious and powerful magician, Ichihara Yuuko has a playful, free-spirited personality and is highly respected in the spirit realm. Although she grants her customers' wishes, Yuuko does not involve herself with them directly, appearing to prefer to stay in the background, controlling the situation without letting anyone know about it.

Yuuko is often associated with the symbol of a butterfly which, in Eastern philosophy is the symbol of a person's soul and transformation.

Patsy, a reader of Cosplay Holic, sent me this picture about a month ago. It took me a while to get this up as there were a lot of pending photos I had to post first. Most of my pictures are sent in be readers themselves, so... well, you get the idea.

Sorry it took so long, Patsy! Thanks for the awesome contribution! The cosplayer won best female during the 2nd Philippine Cosplay Convention. Anyone know who she is?

EDIT: Thanks to the cosplayer, Jem for commenting on Cosplay Holic!


  1. Thank you for featuring this cosplayer.. XD

  2. You're welcome! Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. oh, i know who that is o.o

    thats moi XD

    link to my profile page @ multiply:

    thanks to patsy (whoever you are n.n v)

  4. Oh hi there! I think your album and profile is set to private? Do you have a public profile I can link to? ^_^ Thank you!

  5. aw shucks i didnt know it is on private ._.
    wait, lemme try the fb link :

    hope this one would work n.n

  6. Ahaha, both are on private! In any case, what name would you like to be called? Should I use "Jem" as your cosplayer's name or do you have other names you'd prefer to be called?

  7. awww :( i must b a pvt person then n.n; lol
    and jem will do :)
    and you can add me up if you'd like to on both accts (just introduce yourself though bec i dont accept random friend request ._. )