14 June 2016

Rurouni Kenshin: Shishio Makoto

rurouni kenshin movie (cosplay) - shishio makotoCan we all just please take a moment to appreciate Shishio’s reaction in this picture? Yes?

Alright, from what I understand in the description, this is not Fujiwara Tatsuya, who plays the role of Shishio in the film, but Takito Kenichi? I did find his profile in (Japanese) wiki, and he does play a role in Rurouni Kenshin, but I’m not exactly sure since my Japanese is not very good. And what’s with the photo in his kimono?

Anyhow, if anyone can clarify, that would be great! Thanks to Rae for sending this in!


  1. That's Fujiwara Tatsuya. Takito Kenichi play Sadojima Hoji in the movies. The photo in the kimono looks like it is of Hoji and the Juppongatana in the movie.

    1. Oh! Then I guess he was just greeting a colleague Happy Birthday! Thank you very much, anon! ^_^