22 April 2013

Inuyasha: Sesshoumaru 07

Source: Rochelle on Facebook
Although the Tenseiga managed to return Sesshoumaru and Rin back to the world of the living, it could no longer bring Rin back to life as the Tenseiga had already done so when Sesshoumaru first met Rin. As a result, Sesshoumaru had no desire of owning his new Tenseiga as it came about at the cost of Rin’s life. His mother, known to be very cold and heartless, saw Sesshoumaru’s anguish and said, “don’t expect me to do this a second time”, and brought Rin’s life from Meido back into the world of the living. She concluded by saying, “all this fuss over a little human girl.. you inherited the most unusual traits from your father.”

I would have wanted to see this episode! It’s too bad I missed it when the show was still airing on cable. Thanks to Tasha for sharing this!


  1. Really nice cosplay!
    I'd like to try cosplaying some day.

  2. Hulu has every episode of The Final Act. IT'S AMAZING!!!

    And shut the hell up with this cosplay. Are you kidding me??? If there was EVER a live action, pretty sure you'd be Sesshoumaru-sama. My god. *bows*