13 January 2008

xxxHolic: Watanuki Kimihiro and Ichihara Yuuko

xxxholic cosplay - watanuki kimihiro and ichihara yuukoThis is probably one of the best cosplays I’ve ever come across!

Then again, I tend to say that about all the cosplays I feature here don’t I?

Watanuki Kimihiro is an ordinary student in an ordinary world… But he has a secret. He can see ghosts, demons, and spirits! He meets Ichihara Yuuko, a time and space witch, who claims to have to ability to grant any wish, for a price! And what price does Watanuki have to pay to grant his wish to never see spirits again? Work in Yuuko’s shop as a part-time job, which includes cooking, cleaning and other household chores!

I really love Yuuko in this picture… Watanuki as well! Thanks to DigiBook for sharing this picture!


  1. Yuuko is PERFECT and he is just awesome toooo

  2. *nods* Not a lot of people can pull Yuuko off. :D