07 December 2013

xxxHolic: Watanuki Kimihiro and Ichihara Yuuko 02

xxxholic live action cosplay kimihiro watanuki and ichihara yuuko by smetani shota and watanabe anne

I’m late for the party, but earlier this year, a live action adaptation of xxxHolic aired in Japan’s WOWOW. Instead of a movie like I had earlier envisioned, this was apparently a TV series, running for only eight episodes. This photo features Watanabe Anne as Ichihara Yuuko and Sometani Shota as Watanuki Kimihiro.

Has anyone seen this? Is it just me, or is an eight-episode TV series too short? I mean, I’ve seen “Boss”, another Japanese TV series, and it had only eleven episodes, but really? Just eight? Was it any good, or just really bad?

Source: Chibi Yuuto on Live Journal


  1. I loved it, it had the feel of old school horror TV series like Tales From the Crypt, with all the characters you love from xxxHolic, and visually was wonderful seeing the characters come to life. I want a hundred more episodes :(

    1. If only the producers would listen to fans like us. A few more episodes, or even a few more seasons wouldn't hurt. I'd dare say this was even better than the anime adaptation. Those proportions were near horrifying!

    2. I haven't seen the anime or the TV series, but the manga was very good... Even if the anatomy was all weird, it still worked. :D