03 March 2010

Bayonetta: Bayonetta 02

bayonetta cosplay - bayonetta from winter comiket 2009500 years before the incident behind Bayonetta's memory loss came to be, the Umbra Witches and the Lumen Sages shared two distinct treasures known as the "Eyes of the World". Each faction has one of the two eyes, but they mysteriously disappeared under unknown circumstances. Bayonetta believes the red gem on her jewelry is the Left Eye and searches for the Right Eye in order to regain her memory.

A late entry from last year's Winter Comiket! She kinda reminds me of Lucy Liu with that look of hers. I'm confused though; does Bayonetta like lollipops? Thanks to Reeve for sending this in!


  1. yes, Bayonetta likes lollipops. shes always seen eating one in the game.

  2. Hn... Very interesting. I think I need to play this game. :x

  3. Yeap, that she does. Gameplay wise, lollipops also replenish her health and sometimes boost her stats ^^

    The game seems to be focused more towards guys due to her sex appeal and also due to some of her attacks, which I won't say otherwise I'd spoil it ;)

    But its got the most visually inventive combat I've seen from a game for long while. As a person, she's kinda like the female version of Dante, lol.

    I so need a PS3 T^T