02 February 2012

Final Fantasy X-2: Yuna and Rikku

final fantasy x-2 cosplay - yuna and rikku

Yuna journeyed through Spira in search of the truth behind a sphere containing a video of a man closely resembling Tidus held up in jail. Alongside the Gullwings group who always help people in need, Yuna discovered that the man from the sphere was not Tidus, but Shuyin, an unsent person who wished to destroy Spira as revenge for the death of his lover, Lenne. In the end, the Gullwings managed to stop Shuyin and, depending on the player’s development through the game, Yuna may or may not see Tidus once again.

Although we can’t see Fairytale Destruction’s and Ari XIII’s faces, there’s something very classy about this photo, wouldn’t you agree? Thanks again to Colleen for sending this in!

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