01 September 2012

Guilty Crown: Yuzuriha Inori 02

guilty crown cosplay - yuzuriha inori from japan comiket 82

Yuzuriha Inori was supposed to be used as a sacrifice for the rebirth of Mana but the plan failed as she was saved by her partner, Ouma Shu. However, she began expressing more erratic behavior after the incident, killing two other students and stabbing Kuhouin Arisa through her hand. She was eventually captured by the resurrected Gai and Da'ath as she tried to protect Shu.

Japan Comiket 82 has come and gone, but here come the vast email flood of beautiful cosplayers in my inbox! I think I will eventually have to update this site twice a day again to finish all the requests. Thanks again to 2chmod for sending this in!

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