11 September 2012

Final Fantasy X-2: Yuna and Paine

final fantasy x-2 cosplay - yuna and paine

In contrast to Yuna and Rikku, Paine is prominently featured as a warrior who is very calm and collected. Her comrades know very little about her and her past, but it was later revealed that she was a fighter for the Crimson Squad, an elite unit intended to surpass the Crusaders as its the best members were to be assigned to lead Crusader chapters across Spira. Paine had been the recorder for a group of candidates named Nooj, Baralai, and Gippal, the present day leaders of the Youth League, New Yevon, and the Machine Faction.

Awesome cosplayer from Japan Comiket 82! The both really look amazing in this photo, and there’s a nice wink from Yuna too. Thanks again to Miguel for sending this in!


  1. As a major final fantasy fan.. i just have to comment that i love this ! <3

    it's almost a yuripa <3

  2. Yeah, they just need a cute Rikku~ (*-`ω´- )人