13 September 2012

300 Perfect Game: Iincho with Series Creator, Jeff Nice

300 perfect game cosplay - iincho with jeff nice

Back in Junior High, Iincho (the Class President) was a sweet, loving, perfect girlfriend to Bob, a loveable loser who is completely devoted and loyal to Iincho. However, after the tragic death of Iincho’s father, she broke up with Bob and become quite the terror of a class president. Bob will stop at nothing to get his childhood sweetheart back, but will the charming new transfer student, Andrew, beat him to it?

Here’s something you don’t get to see everyday. Not only was I able to take a photo of Eleniel Mist cosplaying (and literally role-playing) Iincho, but she’s with the series’ creator, Jeff Nice! You might want to check out the hilarious webcomic, now 8 chapters and running! Thanks for posing for me, guys! Until the next convention!

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