27 August 2009

Tsubasa - Reservoir Chronicle: Sakura 02

tsubasa - reservoir chronicle cosplay - sakura 02

Sakura, the Princess of Clow Kingdom, lost her powers and her memories because of a powerful force, causing her to be weak and confused. Her memories take the form of feathers scattered in different dimensions which she and Syaoran must collect in order to return Sakura back to normal.

Ichihara Yuuko aids them by giving her Mokona, in exchange for her memories of Syaoran. Yuuko calls her "a favored daughter of the gods" due to her unbelievable good luck.

Another beautiful cosplayer from Comiket! Unfortunately, we can't see her face clearly, but the photography is still superb. Wonderful job to both the cosplayer and the photographer!

EDIT: Thanks to the cosplayer, Kashino Rei, for contacting me! Apparently, this is not from Comiket, but rather in Hanami, an event in Germany! You may view the original image in her Deviant Art account!


  1. what a beautiful cosplay~
    tsubasa is one of my fav. series.

  2. oi oi oi
    this was better than i thought a well done cosplay!

  3. Her costume is so detail as well

  4. I like it dress...
    The girl is cute too...