02 December 2011

Avatar: The Last Airbender: Cabbage Merchant and Ty Lee

avatar: the last airbender cosplay - cabbage merchant and ty lee by idunno123Ty Lee is a cheerful and energetic girl who is close friends with Princess Azula and Mai. She specializes in hand-to-hand combat, utilizing a unique form of martial arts that attacks the pressure points on the human body. Striking certain points enables her to disrupt that person’s chi flow, temporarily paralyzing them and removing their ability to use bending.

Why she’s decided to pick on the Cabbage Merchant is known only to the cosplayer, idunno123! It’s very seldom that I’d come across athletic cosplayers like her, so I definitely had to feature her! Please visit her Deviant Art Gallery for more of her cosplays!


  1. Wah, this is such an awesome cosplay... picture/setting! The cabbage merchant, AND Ty Lee! And furthermore, Ty Lee cosplayer doing a very Ty Lee.. thing! It just doesn't get much better than this ♥ It's amazing how I can actually picture this happening in the series.

  2. A very Ty Lee thing indeed. If it was in a Chinese Garden of some sort, people might be fooled into thinking a new movie is coming out. (Even though I didn't like the first movie at all) xD