22 December 2011

Gundam Seed: Flay Allster

gundam seed cosplay - flay allster by juliann ysabelDaughter of Atlantic Federation Vice Foreign Minister George Allster, Flay Allster is a Heliopolis technical college student who is well-known within the colony for her pretty features. She has a general distrust towards Coordinators, going so far as to exaggerate her encounter with a Coordinator to convince others that they are evil. Although she portrayed herself to be nothing more than a carefree and spoiled princess, she is actually fragile, manipulative, and spiteful.

That’s a pretty convincing cosplay by Juliann Ysabel. I’m actually afraid for Kira’s sake. Thanks again to the cosplayer for allowing me to feature this!


  1. thank you so much for featuring me here :)

  2. You're very welcome! :D I hope you'll continue to cosplay and have a lot of fun doing so! :3