08 December 2009

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children: Cloud Strife 04

final fantasy vii advent children cosplay - cloud strife 04In the recent Anime Festival Asia 2009 where Alodia and Ashley Gosiengfiao represented Team Philippines, a famous cosplayer was among the judges and gave the sisters full marks, even though they didn’t win.

That cosplayer is known as Kaname. I recently found out that he is also the same cosplayer behind the other Cloud Strife I featured more than a year ago.

You have to admit, Kaname makes a very convincing Cloud. If anyone happens to know where his website is, I’d love to link his images back to him. Thank you!

EDIT: Thanks to Mirashibuyaa for posting Kaname's website! You will find more of Kaname's cosplays here. Enjoy!


  1. waaaaa kawiiii




  2. Oh yeah! He was at Anime Expo! I was so happy to see a Cloud that was Male AND looked the part. He was so nice even though he had trouble understanding a lot of the English. ^___^; My friend cried when she met him, she is such a huge Cloud fan and has been since she was like 7. @__@;

    Thanks for posting this! I wish I knew the website. I think he gave my friend a card, but it's too late at night to call up and ask. >.< Sorry!

  3. Wow, he went to Anime Expo? ;_; You guys are so lucky! I want to meet him too, hahaha!

    Take your time~ ^_^ I'm pretty sure he has a Cure account, but I'm not exactly fluent in Japanese to tell what's going on in there. @_@

  4. Here's his website! <3

    He is soooooooo awesome!

  5. He truly is. Thank you so much for this, Mirashibuyaa~! ^_^

  6. Oh yeah. I have a cure account...it's not too hard to get around. ^^;;

  7. Haha, maybe for you, lah~! But I wouldn't know what to do with a Cure account anyway, since I have never cosplayed yet. x]

  8. Haha~ sure sure <3. He looks so hot at AFA'09! xP
    GAWD, I'm drooling. >_<

  9. Aww, now I'm really envious, haha! Girls must be all over him in conventions. ;_; Hahaha!

  10. Gosh.. Kanammeeee XD

  11. hey guys, do u have any idea how did made the lion in his left shoulder? anyone knows?

  12. Hi everyone! Just wondering... would you guys know where he got his sword?

  13. Oh, Kaname!!! I have been looking around for his cosplay and to know other cosplayers as well.
    This website is providing so many HQ cosplays. :)

  14. My guesses, as to why he can look like the character, is because he has a face that resembles Gackt, save for the nose.He's also cosplayed, or test cosplayed other FF characters like Sephiroth, or Reno, and it's convincing.
    The reason for this is because a majority of the characters faces are sculpted from Gackt's facial features. I even think Lightning from the recent FF was slightly modeled after Gackt's face.
    Though it's tweaked in the games and the advent movie, Cloud is modeled primarily off Gackt- but again, it's tweaked.
    So this Kaname cosplayer has the advantage, because he, again, resembles Gacky save for the nose.