04 December 2011

Touhou Project: Cirno 03

touhou project cosplay - cirno 3 from comiket 78In the events that occurred in Touhou Hisoutensoku, Cirno has matured, albeit slightly, from her usual childish behavior. Cirno was intrigued by what she believed to be the great Daidarabotchi. She hoped that she could tame the giant yokai so that she would no longer be afraid of anything. However, she admitted that she could not defeat the Daidarabotchi if it lives in the hot spring’s boiler as it is too hot for her.

Cute cosplay from Comiket 78! She even has a pair of cute wings on her back, but I still wouldn’t mess with her. I wonder who that character is, sitting behind her? Thanks to Olive for sending this in!

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