24 December 2011

Vocaloid: Meiko 04

Because Kipi has a lot of fans, this also means that there will be a lot of people who think she's “just another photoshop princess”. Even though I already posted a video of her before, here is another one made by amateur cameraman, Elpheal.

Yes, this really is her! Taken at the Singapore Toys Games & Comics convention 2011 !!!
She's really tiny, skinny , beautiful and FRIENDLY! Down to earth and all

Merry Christmas to one and all! We hope that all your dreams come true~!


  1. Yes ! she realy is friendly and very nice, i'm one of the lucky people able to meet her on a con.. but other people too! at stgcc 2011 there was someone who was recorded her meet with kipi ^^


    Is her blog plz check it out and be convinced that kipi is not a photoshop princes but rather a realy sweet girl who simply loves to cosplay

  2. Waaah, so very lucky! Kipi is really Japanese isn't she? Did someone invite her to the Singapore Convention or something? Because I'm pretty sure she was at Comiket 81 too!

  3. Sorry mei-chan for the late reaction!! yes, she was at comiket summer 2011 ( was that 81 already ? ) and after that she went to singapore for five days.. but i dont know if she was invited or something,


    thats is her blog entry from that month. And to answer another qeustion, Yes she realy is japanese and lives in tokyo, if you know japanese she's very accesible, but if you dont know japanese you'll have a langauge barrier, she wishes to be better in english though kipi can be found on twitter too nowadays, kipi_0804 for everyone who knows japanese, you can tweet with her ^^

  4. Weh, I'm still learning Japanese, so I don't think I can tweet with her just yet! ;_; It's really nice of her to keep in touch with her fans though! And she's super famous! I mean, I've met a few not-so-famous cosplayers who weren't very nice, if you know what I mean. ;o;