19 December 2011

Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal: Astral

yu-gi-oh! zexal cosplay - astralA mysterious spirit whom only Tsukumo Yuma could see or hear, Astral offers his wisdom in duel tactics to Yuma in order to obtain the 100 Number Cards which are said to contain fragments of his memories. A calculating person, Astral lists his observation of Yuma as well as other human behaviors. He resides in a special world that exists within Yuma’s key; a strange ship whose parts become unlocked as Astral collects more Number cards.

I would have to agree with Cherokee here; I too think “…it's really awesome how someone could attempt and do so well at cosplaying him!” Because for one thing, full bodysuits, and for another, blue makeup. Thanks again to Cherokee for sending this in!


  1. I...have...no...words....O: <3

  2. Amaing cosplay realy !, though i dont like the light for the photo ^^ or maybe its the placing of my monitor nevertheless very cool cosplay

  3. 愛子: I think that was done on purpose, because the character is a glowing spirit... At least, that's what I think! xD