16 December 2011

Rurouni Kenshin Live Action Trailer

I was quite skeptical about this piece of news when I first heard about it. However, after viewing this 40 second trailer, I’ve realized that this possibly has all the ingredients of a very epic movie.

And they also have an all star cast:

Although I have to admit, this is rather confusing. Saitou Hajime was introduced during Shishio Makoto’s arc, not Udou Jine’s. Further more, Takeda Kanryuu is the antagonist of Takani Megumi’s arc which was also before Shishio’s. This leaves me to wonder how they’ll add Saitou to the mix… Could this movie’s ending be left hanging as an intro for a second movie? There have been talks of Warner Bros. Japan wanting to turn this into a series…

Now I can’t wait for 2012.


  1. Oh my gosh, I felt chills watching that trailer! Thank you for posting about it. I hope it turns out really well. Now I can't wait for it to air! @_@ I loved the anime, I hope the movie does it justice ♥

  2. You're very welcome! And I am equally excited about this movie! Sato Takeru is well-known for his Mask Rider series, so I think he will do a good job!

    ...I just hope we can get this movie here in subtitles! I don't want to hear English dubbing for Rurouni Kenshin! ;x;