07 December 2011

Hetalia: Axis Powers: Nene and Kolko

hetalia: axis powers cosplay - female china nene and female russia kolkoSome time before World War II approached, China and Russia wound up on the same side. For some reason, Russia stalked China frequently and was also often partnered with him. Russia’s “special interest” in China is one of the reasons for his extreme paranoia.

China’s female version is often nicknamed “Nene” or “Wang Chun-Yan”. Russia’s female version, on the other hand, has several nicknames including Kolko, Lucy, Roshiko, Anya Braginskaya, Ivanna, Inna, and Irina.

I’ll just use Nene and Kolko for Cosplay Holic. What do you guys think? Thanks again to Yukino for sending this in!


  1. just a lovely Russia cosplay ^_^

  2. You got a really useful blog. I have been here reading for about an hour. I am a newbie and your success is very much an inspiration for me.

  3. Yukino-chan's got great taste. :D And she's Cosplay Holic's Hetalia expert~ :3