28 August 2011

Vocaloid 2: Kamui Gakupo 03

vocaloid 2 cosplay - kamui gakupo 3 by gacktIn 2009, Gackt, the voice behind Gakupo, challenged the users of Vocaloid to a song competition using Gakupo. The grand prize winner would not only receive 10 million yen, but Gackt would also sing the song and include it in his next album if he liked it enough. The winner was announced as “Episode 0” by mathru/KanimisoP, which was released as Gackt’s 39th single on the 13th of July 2011.

Oh wow, Gackt himself cosplaying Gakupo… I think a lot of fangirls will be happy to see this. Thanks again to Fumiki for sending this!

I took the liberty of looking into this further, and found Gackt's Music Video. He's cosplaying Gakupo in it! Enjoy!