26 August 2011

Dazzle: Rahzel Anadis

unknown cosplay 104

In a local, Philippine convention back in 2010, there were several pretty cosplays that were submitted to Cosplay Holic, but I couldn't identify them at all. There’s not much to go on with this photo since we can’t see much of her outfit, but I’m hoping someone here was able to get a better shot (or even look) at her. Thanks to Tori for sharing this and Nica Tanjutco for the awesome photography!

EDIT: Thanks to anon for letting me know she is Rahzel Anadis from Dazzle!


  1. Okay so what do we got here? A girl dressed up in a fluffy outfit, holding a stuffed bear.. that happens to be a ninja. Yeah I got nothing. She is pretty though.

  2. I'm pretty sure it's Rahzel Anadis from the manga/anime Dazzle. I couldn't really find any pictures, but she always has that bear with her.

  3. Thanks anon! Edited and tagged~ :3