26 August 2011

Dead or Alive: Kasumi 03

dead or alive cosplay - kasumi 3 by kipiThe compassionate older half-sister to Ayane, Kasumi is a highly skilled kunochi fighter who often expresses a desire to avoid confrontation. She values her family and seeks to return home in peace once she avenges her brother Hayate. Kasumi doesn’t like seeing people suffer at the hands of her skills and often shows mercy even to her enemies.

Another amazing cosplay by Kipi! Cosplay Holic is beginning to become overrun by her photos. I guess she has a ton of fans here! Thanks to Pia for sending this in! And thanks to 愛子 藤原 for sharing Kipi's Cure Account!


  1. WOW! Best Kipi picture this month. Me likey! LOL.

  2. kipi-chan dayo!

    yes, nice cosplay ^^ there's not much cosplay i dont like from kippi.. also if you like this shot.. be sure to visit her cure acount to view more ;)

  3. So many Kipi fans, haha! :D Ok, I will hunt for more from her soon! ^^

  4. I do must say she's very daring.. i even start to wonder if there's something under that costume :/


    copy past the link to view the picture, it's another version of kasumi