19 August 2011

Aria: Alice Caroll

unknown cosplay 103 by kipiAnd now for something I’m sure someone will be able to figure because I’ve given up looking for the answer.

I thought Kipi was cosplaying a character from Mai Otome or something, but it appears I’m wrong. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this character before though; maybe I even featured her already, but I’m really not sure.

Please help me out? Thanks to Pita for sending this in!

EDIT: Thanks to St-Arcana for letting me know the character is Alice Caroll from Aria!


  1. This is Alice Carroll from Aria. C:

  2. W-wow, that was fast! :D Thank you, St-Arcana! I'll edit this now. :)

  3. Ah haha. It was a coincidence that I saw it so soon after it was posted. XD

    Identifying the unknown entries is like a game for me. XD

  4. That's good to know! I'm glad someone is having fun~

    Admittedly, it's fun for me too, because I don't need to keep stressing on keeping up with a ton of series to keep this blog up-to-date! xD

  5. Haha. Sometimes, I'll even run google searches to figure out who people are cosplaying as. XD