21 August 2011

Kingdom Hearts III: Rinoa Heartilly

kingdom hearts iii cosplay - rinoa heartilly by rachelI know information about Kingdom Hearts III is literally next-to-nothing at the moment, but that doesn’t stop the cosplayers from making something awesome.

This is Rachel, and she’s one of the many readers of Cosplay Holic. When she sent me this cosplay of hers, I thought it was Rinoa from Dead Fantasy, so I emailed her to clarify. She said that it’s from Kingdom Hearts III, but since I can’t find anything about the game anywhere, I’ll have to take her word for it!

I’m sure no one’s really complaining though, as long as there are photos right? Thanks again to Rachel for allowing me to post this!


  1. next to final fantasy i also love ALOT of other things sqaure enix brings out ^^


    that's something i found from KH3

    i dont know a link to the dead fantasy rinoa out of my head this soon.. but the dead fantasy version has different style of clothes :)

  2. This is a fan made recreation then.. (yeah I went to visit that url posted up there) Nontheless, that's one nice cosplay of Rinoa.

  3. (◎-◎;)!! uwaaohh....she's beautiful....

  4. Ah, so it is! Although it's a fan creation for Kingdom Hearts III anyway, so maybe I'll leave this tagged the way it is? :D Unless there are objections somewhere. ^^;

  5. This is not the official Rinoa costume on KH III AFAIK... This is FYI Dion Roger's Rinoa Heartilly version, fan made design for a hopefully cameo of Rinoa in the KH game.


  6. Yes, it's Dion Roger's, but it is a modified version of it. :)

    I will post some more accurate Dion Roger's Rinoa soon!