07 June 2015

Starry Sky: Amaha Tsubasa (Aquarius)

starry sky cosplay - amaha tsubasa (aquarius) by tiaA first year in Seigetsu Gakuen, Amaha Tsubasa was immediately recruited by Kazuki to become the Student Council Treasurer. He is cheerful, energetic, and a talented inventor, even though most of his inventions malfunction or worse, explode! He and Azusa are cousins and maintain a close relationship after they saw each other again in the Academy.

Meet Japanese cosplayer, Tia! I really hope she gets a lot more fans from this article, because her cosplays are simply amazing! Please do visit her sites in Archive, Twitter, and World Cosplay! Thanks to Aileen for sending this in!

Source: てぃあ (Tia) on World Cosplay

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