27 June 2015

Suki-tte Ii na yo: Kurosawa Yamato and Tachibana Mei 02

sukitte ii na yo cosplay - kurosawa yamato and tachibana mei 2

When Mei was still a child, she tried her best to be sociable and friendly towards her classmates, but they still isolated her for some reason. When her class raised a rabbit together, Misa blamed Mei that she forced the rabbit to eat some strange grass, even though it was actually Misa’s fault that the rabbit had died. The teacher believed Misa and punished Mei for something she had nothing to do with. As a result, Mei began to believe that everyone was like Misa, and she began avoiding people all together.

“People betray each other all the time and at school, it’s just a bunch of idiots who need someone to bully. I don't want to hang out with that kind of people. So I don’t need friends.”

Source: Sukitte ii na yo Wiki

That's kind of sad, isn’t it? And for that to happen to a young child, Mei would definitely have emotional scars, but I hope Yamato would be able to help her overcome her fears. Thanks to Taylor for sending this in!

Source: Shoujo TV Anime News on Facebook

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