13 June 2015

Vocaloid 3: Luo Tianyi 02

vocaloid 3 cosplay - luo tianyi by seeu

In the end of the Eastern Han dynasty the smoke signals have never been ended
常侍亂 朝野陷
The eunuchs are in turmoil; The empire is collapsing.
阿瞞挾天子 令諸侯
Aman overawes the the emperor and commands the nobles,
Occupy Jiangdong (southeast of China)! The ambition is the whole China!
繼祖業 承父兄
Undertaking his ancestor's work, Succeeding his father and brother,
既冕主吳越 萬兜鍪
As the king of Wu, Owning thousands of siuts of armor,
No matter how the world changes,
穩東南 面中原
Strengthen Jiangdong, face the central.

“Sun Quan The Emperor”
Lyrics and Translation by Saber Butterfly

So apparently, SeeU’s World Cosplay account is a fan site. I’ve heard of fan sites on Facebook, but never on World Cosplay! So if you’d like to support the cosplayer, please head on over to her Weibo! Thanks to Stevie for sending this in!

Source: SeeU on World Cosplay

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