06 June 2015

Vocaloid 3: SeeU 03

vocaloid 3 cosplay - seeu by yuu cosplay

그대로 멈춘 네가
Just like before you
날 또 망설이게 하고
made me hesitate again
아무 말도 안하는
The you who says nothing
넌 그저 어제와 같아
is just like yesterday
여과없이 말해 봐
Try saying it straightforwardly,
내 눈을 좀 바라봐봐
try looking in my eyes
이 밤이 가버리기전에
Before the night is over
불빛이 사라지기전에
Before the starlight disappears

“Trouble Maker”
Lyrics and Translation by Color Coded Lyrics

This is certainly a different look for SeeU! I’ve heard of this song before too, but it was sung by Hyun Seung and Hyuna! I like the Vocaloid version, but nothing beats the original, I guess!

For today, please remember to support Czech cosplayer, Yuu via her websites: Ask, Cosplay, Cure, Deviant Art, Facebook, and World Cosplay! Thanks to Daniel for sending this in!

Source: Yuu on World Cosplay

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