23 June 2015

Sailor Stars: Seiya Kou

sailor stars cosplay - seiya kou by asukaThe leader of the Sailor Starlights, Seiya Kou is the lead vocalist of the pop star group, the Three Lights. Seiya tends to act arrogantly and appears to be confident in her own abilities. When she enters a local high school, Seiya becomes the school’s star athlete in American football, upsetting Tenoh Haruka as she was the previous star (in track and field). She developed feelings for Usagi, but eventually regarded them to be unrequited love.

You might remember Korean cosplayer Asuka from a previous post in 2014. Doesn’t she look amazing as Seiya? You might want to visit her websites on Tumblr, Twitter, and World Cosplay for more of her works! Thanks again to Lara for sending this in!

Source: Asuka on World Cosplay

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