19 May 2015

Zone-00: Kujo Saburo and Shima Ango

zone-00 cosplay - kujo saburo and shima ango by finnianKujo Saburo first met Shima Ango when Shima was transferred to his class along with Okino Miyoko. They quickly become friends and began solving the ZONE-00 issue together. They develop an interesting friendship where they are comfortable enough to tease each other and even wear each other’s clothing. Unbeknownst to them, Kujo and Shima are both descendents of Kiyoami, and are therefore relatives.

Meet Chinese cosplayer Finnian, who is the cosplayer behind Kujo! It’s unfortunate s/he didn’t tag who Shima’s cosplayer is, but they both did a great job! Please be sure to visit Finnian’s Weibo and World Cosplay accounts! Thanks to Mica for sending this in!

Source: Finnian菲尼 on World Cosplay

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