29 May 2015

Defense Devil: Elimona

defense devil cosplay - elimona by the wisperia

A fallen angel from Heaven, Elimona runs a store in Event Horizon, the land between the real and demon worlds. She often cosplays and tries to seduce Bchuler and Kucabara, much to their chagrin, but she is also often turned to for help or advice. She later revealed to Idamaria that she wanted to destroy the demon world by releasing the goddess Lilith.

Oh wow, those wings are truly impressive! And The Wisperia is very pretty as well! She makes a very beautiful Elimona, wouldn’t you agree?

Please give her your support by visiting her Deviant Art and Facebook! Thanks again to Shuichi for suggesting this!

Source: The Wisperia on Deviant Art
First seen in: Z攻略

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