10 May 2015

Naruto: Uchiha Sasuke 06

naruto cosplay - uchiha sasuke by sato ryuji

Although Sasuke was a kind and loving child, he had grown into cold, cynical, and arrogant young man after the downfall of the Uchiha Clan. During his time at the Academy, Sasuke was a loner who preferred to hone his skills than socializing with other students. However, when he was introduced to Team Kakashi, he first though of his teammates as a hindrance, until he slowly grew attached to them and began to think of them as his family.

Doesn’t Sato Ryuji make a lovely Sasuke? It looks like there are some changes to the textures and layers of his outfit. Maybe it simply looks better on the theatrical stage? I’m really curious to know how the fans thought of this play! Has anyone seen it yet?

Source: Naruto Stage

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