17 May 2015

Naruto: Gaara 04

naruto stage cosplay - gaara by suga kenta

Gaara was a kind child who desperately tried to be friendly with others until his father, the fourth Kazekage order Yashamaru to attack Gaara physically and psychologically in order to see if Gaara could gain control the sealed Shukaku within him. As Yashamaru was the only one who seemed to care for him, his assassination attempt upon Gaara twisted his personality and misled him to believe that no one cared for him. Gaara used his sand to carve the kanji for “love” (愛) on his forehead as a symbol of his resolution to become a “demon loving only itself”, and live up to the name his mother gave him.

In a way, Gaara and Naruto have similar childhoods, no? But how they overcame their difficult pasts are completely different. Anyway, what do you guys think of Suga Kenta’s version of Gaara?

Source: Naruto Stage

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