29 November 2012

Guilty Crown: Yuzuriha Inori 04

guilty crown cosplay - yuzuriha inori by shooting star's
Source: ayaka-ch.com

As a vessel of the patient zero of the Apocalypse Virus “Mana”, Yuzuriha Inori’s blood has the ability to delay the symptoms of those infected by the virus. Her body can be also used to communicate with Mana by unknown means, speculated to be telepathy.

After Mana’s consciousness was transferred to Inori, Inori started to display some of Mana’s violent instincts, as shown when she attacked Arisa, producing a crystal spike in order to stab her. As time went on, Inori started to display more of Mana’s abilities due to her constant contact with Voids containing pieces of Mana.

An amazing, underwater cosplay by the lovely Shooting Star’s! Posing for photos is hard enough, but to do it underwater? Absolutely stunning! Thanks to Jennifer for sending this in!

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