10 November 2012

Gundam Wing: Zechs Merquise aka Milliardo Peacecraft

gundam wing cosplay - zechs merquise aka milliardo peacecraft
Source: Crunchyroll

OZ’s ace mobile suit pilot, Zechs Merquis is well known as the “Lightning Count” or “Lightning Baron” due to his high-speed fighting style, striking his enemies without warning. He wears a mask supposedly to hide a facial deformity, but in reality, it is to hide his true identity, Milliardo Peacecraft, the lost son of the pacifist Peacecraft family. The Peacecrafts were massacred by the United Earth Sphere Alliance, who considered King Peacecraft a threat to their complete and toral rule of Earth and the colonies. Zechs worked his way through the inside to become an OZ soldier in order to seek revenge on the Alliance for the murder of his family.

Wow, this series is definitely one of the classics, and I’m happy to see a detailed cosplay of one of my favorite characters. Thanks again to Fumiki for sending this in!

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