13 July 2009

Bleach: Kuchiki Rukia with Kon

bleach cosplay - kuchiki rukia 04 with kon by dani haruThe Death God / Soul Reaper assigned to exterminate hollows in Ichigo's hometown, Kuchiki Rukia was forced to transfer her powers to Ichigo in order to save his life and his family's. Because of this, she had to live temporarily as a human; registering in a local high school and residing in Ichigo's closet. Even though Rukia has the body of a teenage girl, she is actually 10 times older than Ichigo.

Haru left a comment in my blog one day and I decided to visit her blog. I was suprised she had such an awesome cosplay of Rukia that I had to feature her! I'm glad you enjoy reading my blog, Haru, and I hope you cosplay more soon! (I also want a Kon doll too!)