21 November 2012

Guilty Crown: Yuzuriha Inori 03

guilty crown cosplay - yuzuriha inori 3
Source: Cosplay League on FB
Yuzuhira Inori’s Void is a heavy sword that resembles a bisento, an obscure type of pole weapon used in feudal Japan, which can be combined with other Voids for different effects. When extracted by Yuu, it becomes more “wing-like” in shape and form.

During Episode 18 of the anime, Inori demonstrated the ability to change into a “monster” mode, where a pair of blades extend from her arms and she gains increased strength and speed.

Very beautiful and daring cosplay! I really need to check this anime out, it seems very popular among the community I’m in. Thanks to Midara for sending this in!


  1. I haven't watched it either, but I've seen some clips and the action sequences look lovely. I feel however that the storyline will get serious and that there will be sad bits. Just my guess though.

  2. Yeah, some of my friends have posted "sobbing" statuses in their FB's after they watched the ending of Guilty Crown. (。┰ω┰。) This is probably why I'm avoiding it since my tears are very shallow. ヾ(×× ) ツ