21 February 2012

D. Gray-man: Lavi, Allen Walker, and Kanda Yu

d. gray-man cosplay - lavi, allen walker, and kanda yu

As both the Earl and the Order began their search for the most powerful Innocence known as the Heart, the Earl started killing off the Order’s most powerful Exorcists: the Generals. To protect them, the Order attempted to bring the Generals back to headquarters, and Allen along with three other exorcists were sent in search for the missing General Cross. The mission nearly caused Allen and Lenalee their lives, but were saved by their Innocence, leading the Earl, Bookman and his assistant Lavi to believe that one of them possessed the Great Heart.

Another well-done piece by Goku Lover 3 as Allen and Amleya as Kanda! Now all we need to know is who the cosplayer behind Lavi is. Thanks again to Goku Lover 3 for allowing to post this!

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