31 March 2010

Guilty Gear: Baiken

guilty gear cosplay - baikenDuring one of the Gears' attacks on the colonies, the young Baiken watched both her parents die before her and ended up losing her right arm and her left eye. However, it was during this chaos when she was able to witness the real culprit behind the attack, the Creator of the Gears. She then swore to hunt "that man" down and seek her vengeance.

Beautiful cosplay! I have never seen this character in the Guilty Gear games I played, but I heard the tatami mat was something of a signature move of hers? Thanks to Wilson for sending this in!

30 March 2010

Durarara!!: Orihara Izaya

durarara!! cosplay - orihara izayaA master of parkour and very skilled with a flickblade, Izaya is a young man who enjoys torturing everyone and then observing their reactions because he "loves" the human race. He also enjoys giving Heiwajima Shizuo a hard time; such as having local gangs attack him framing him for crimes he didn't commit. Izaya's name is based on the biblical Isaiah and means "the one who looks over the crowd" in Japanese.

Cosplayer 香吏 (Kaori Ri) makes a convincingly great Izaya! I love how classy Izara is portrayed here. Character requested by Amelia!

29 March 2010

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Dark Magician Girl 02

yu-gi-oh! cosplay - dark magician girl 02 by eric liaoWhile significantly weaker than the Dark Magician himself, the Dark Magician Girl gains attack points for every Dark Magician or Magician of Black Chaos sent to the Graveyard, whether it is the player's or his opponent's. She starts out with a 2000 attack point and 1700 defense point.

I'm guessing Eric Liao is the photographer behind this beautifully snapped shot, though I'm having a hard time finding his website. Thanks to Yoshite for sending this in!

28 March 2010

Dragon Ball Z: Son Goten

dragon ball z cosplay - son goten

The second and final child of Son Goku and Chi Chi, Son Goten greatly resembles his father in appearance and seemingly likes wearing the same clothing as well. He is trained by his older brother, Son Gohan, for the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament and later discovers Goten had the ability to transform into a Super Saiyan despite his young age. Goten later learns the Fusion technique from his dad and Piccolo, which allows him and Trunks to become one powerful warrior known as Gotenks.

Awesome cosplay! Never thought anyone could get that hair right without looking too silly. Must have taken a lot of hair cement... Thanks to Timotei for sending this in!

26 March 2010

Bleach: Ulquiorra Schiffer 03

bleach cosplay - ulquiorra schiffer 03

One of the first Arrancar to be introduced, Ulquiorra Schiffer went to the Human World alongside Yammy Riyalgo with orders from Aizen Sosuke to seek out Kurosaki Ichigo. When Ulquiorra analyzed Ichigo's reiatsu and its growth potential, he concluded that Ichigo was of no threat to Aizen and left without killing him. Unfortunately, Ulquiorra will soon come to realize that his initially findings were dead wrong.

Another beautiful cosplay sent in by Ana! I love this character very much, but his demise left me speechless. Thanks for sharing this with us!

25 March 2010

Vocaloid Cosplay PV: Melt

I can't believe how cute this video is! Please check it out, you won't be disappointed!

Here are some notes from Peggy, the animator and the cosplayer of Miku:

song by Supercell,he's a very famous composer in the world of vocaloid!
Did a cosplay PV for it because this is one of the first few songs that i heard from a vocaloid and its kinda memorable to me.
Photograph: Zerartul and Staci Ng
Hatsune Miku: Peggy (www.wildmushrooms.deviantart.com)
KAITO : Jesuke (www.jesuke.deviantart.com)
post process/animatior : Peggy
Special thanks: Mr.James,DD-Tenka and Vic
Thanks everyone for being there...and helping us <3

24 March 2010

Codename: Sailor V: Sailor V

codename sailor v cosplay - sailor vWhen Aino Minako encounters a talking white cat with a crescent moon on his forehead, she didn't realize she would soon say goodbye to her mundane life as a 13-year-old middle school student to fulfill her mission to protect the earth.

The series Sailor Moon is actually the sequel to Codename Sailor V. It's somehow sad that Minako is considered Usagi's knock-off when when Usagi was really partly based on Minako.

Guess you can't win them all. Thanks to FreedomForce for sending this in!

23 March 2010

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children: Cloud Strife 05

final fantasy vii advent children cosplay - cloud strife 05At the end of Final Fantasy VII, Cloud did his best to try and live positively, but the sin he carried in his heart caused him to almost lose himself. Even though it was no one's fault to begin with, Cloud had to overcome this feeling of guilt on his own. In choosing to fight against Sephiroth once again, Cloud finally receives healing and forgiveness.

Beautiful cosplay! And it seems so much like Cloud to make a grab for the camera if someone were to take a picture of him. Thanks to Dominique for sending this in!

22 March 2010

Kuroshitsuji: Doll

kuroshitsuji cosplay - dollThe beautiful and enigmatic tightrope walker, Doll is among the First Tier performers of the Noah's Ark Circus. Although the First Tier have special tents set up for them, she pretends to be a new male member known as "Sobakasu" or Freckles, as she doesn't like sleeping alone. She later attempts to take Ciel's life for killing her circus family, but fails to do so thanks to Sebastian. Her fate after that is left undetermined.

Cosplayer ClamWings makes a beautiful Doll! I love all the details in her costume. Thanks to Itoshi for sending this in!

21 March 2010

Loveless: Sagan Nagisa and Minami Ritsu

loveless cosplay - sagan nagisa and minami ritsuThe creator of the 2nd Generation Zero Pair, Nagisa has a strange relationship with Soubi's teacher, Ritsu. Although she tries her best to make it look as if she loathes his very existence, she blushes whenever Ritsu is near her, and even more so when he accidentally touches her. Although both have previously denied the affiliation with Nana no Tsuki or Septimal Moon, it is later revealed in the manga they are among the original members of the group.

Cute and daring cosplay! I've been looking for other characters from the series for a while. Ritsu really creeps me out though. Thanks to Harriet for sending this! And he knows Nagisa is cosplayed by Rippie, but does anyone know who the other cosplayer is?

EDIT: Welcome to Cosplay Holic, Rippie!

20 March 2010

Dragon Ball: Launch

unknown cosplay 45I feel like she's glaring at me for not knowing who she's cosplaying as... A glare with a pout combination from a cute girl can be quite deadly to die hard otakus as far as I know.

And I know that I've seen here somewhere before, but it's at the tip of my brain! So if anyone recognizes this blonde, female character with a huge, red bow on her hair, please feel free to leave a comment and let me know! Links to references are welcome!

EDIT: Thanks to Sheik-chan for letting us know this is Launch from Dragon Ball!

19 March 2010

Bleach: Soi Fon

bleach cosplay - soi fonBorn to be known as Shaolin Fon, Soi Fon is the captain of the 2nd Division, replacing Shihoin Yoruichi, her former captain who abandoned her post to aid Urahara Kisuke in leaving Soul Society. As she served Yoruichi as a bodyguard and eventually becomes her protege, Soi Fon felt abandoned that Yoruichi did not take her during the escape. It takes a century before she sees her former captain once more, challenging her in battle in order to ask the questions left unanswered.

Beautiful and very daring cosplay! She looks so convincingly like Soi Fon that it feels like she jumped out of the manga! Thanks to Ana for sending this in!

18 March 2010

Gintama: Takasugi Shinsuke

gintama cosplay - takasugi shinsukeOne of the main antagonists of the series, Shinsuke was a former comrade of Sakata Gintoki's and Katsura Kotaru's during the Amanto invasion. He gained a fearsome reputation for assassinating many of the Bakufu's main officers. He was also planning a large-scale coup d'état, but vanished after the war ended. Now, he leads Kiheitai, a radical Joi faction and is in the Shinsengumi's list of worst criminals.

Very convincing cosplay! Although the photo is a little dark, we can still see his signature colorful kimono. I love that creepy look he's giving the audience. Thanks to Vento for emailing this!

EDIT: Thanks to Nocturne for letting me know that the cosplayer is Lithium Flower from Deviant Art!

17 March 2010

Nana: Okazaki Shinichi

The bass player of Blast, Shin left his home and abandoned his original family name because of his dysfunctional family. He is in love with Trapnest's vocalist, Serizawa Reira, but because Trapnest is his band's rival, Shin had to moonlight as a male prostitute with Reira as one of his clients. He is an expert in mahjong, and is shown to become an actor in the future.

Great cosplay! And that earring... is really connected to his lip? I was told this is one of Shin's signature looks. Thanks to Miguel for sending this in!

16 March 2010

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children: Tifa Lockhart 04

final fantasy vii advent children cosplay - tifa lockhart 04 by mei wai

When Tifa accompanied Marlene to visit Aerith's church in Midgar, they get an unexpected visitor, Loz, who is in search of Jenova's remains. After his confrontation with Tifa, he receives instructions from his cell phone to capture Marlene, thinking she is one of the children infected with Geostigma, and take them to the Forgotten City. Tifa then joins Cloud to stop Kadaj, Yazoo, and Loz from reviving Sephiroth.

Mei Wai is certainly fit for the role of Tifa Lockhart. Wonderful job on Tifa's infamous battle pose! Thanks for sharing this with us!

15 March 2010

Card Captor Sakura: Li Syaoran, Daidouji Tomoyo, and Kinomoto Sakura

card captor sakura cosplay - li syaoran, daidouji tomoyo, and kinomoto sakuraWhen Sakura opened the book of the Clow Cards, she accidentally unseals the cards and its guardian, Cerberus, says it is now her responsibility to retrieve the cards once more. Her best friend, Tomoyo, films her adventures and provides her with special clothes she designed for each exploit.

Not long after, a rival appears before her; Li Syaoran, a descendent of Clow Reed, creator of the Clow Cards and their guardians, Kero and Yue. And now they must compete to see who is truly worthy of becoming the Master of the Clow Cards.

Cute cosplay! I believe that Sakura may be the same Sakura I featured last year? Thanks to KLineFeild for sharing this with us!

Frequently Asked Questions

I've been recieving a lot of emails lately, and it's about time I address some of the questions you've all been asking me. So here goes...

Who are you?
My real name is Columbia Kho, and my Chinese name is 許 美美. I started writing about cosplayers in a Sanriotown Blog as a hobby back in June 2007 and got addicted to searching for cosplayers and writing up about their anime counterparts ever since.

Have you ever cosplayed yourself?
No, though I've worn my fair share of Japanese school girl uniforms and french maid outfits. I've never seriously cosplayed as of yet. The cosplayers I feature are far too intimidating..!

You can read Chinese and Japanese?!
...a little. 因為我母親是中國人啦~! Japanese, I'm trying to learn by myself. I think I should take classes for both languages soon!

Isn't the Japanese name of Cosplay "コズプレ" (kosupure) without the イ (kosupurei)?
That's correct! However, when I created Cosplay Holic, "kosupure" was already taken, which is why I decided to use kosupurei instead.

Where do you get your cosplay photos?
I started out with some of the pictures I had collected from the internet and took some of my own in anime conventions. Soon afterwards, my readers started sending in their own photos / pictures they saw on the internet and asked me to feature those, too.

Could you feature this cosplay or cosplayer that I have/know?
Yes, you can contribute as many photos as you'd like! Send them to kurohiko@gmail.com!

Can I request a cosplay of _____ from the series _____?
Yes, you may! Just send in your requests to kurohiko@gmail.com.

If I send in my photo, does that mean I'll be automatically featured?
That really depends. I post cosplay pictures of people I like, but I'm quite easy to please.

Can you help me decide who to cosplay as? Or maybe give your opinion about my cosplay?
I'm not a cosplay expert, but I will definitely do my best! Just send your photos to kurohiko@gmail.com, but remember to indicate whether or not I can feature you on the site!

Why do you post only low resolution images even though I gave you a high resolution one?
That's because Cosplay Holic was created as a reference site only, and the photos are mostly not mine. I prefer to link the photos back to the cosplayer's or the photographer's site. If that's not available, then I link it to the contributor's image host.

Why did you delete my comment(s)?!
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Can we exchange links?
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Why are you adding Cosplay Holic links to photos that aren't even yours?

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Cosplay Holic is supposed to be a reference site so that fans can see more of their favorite cosplayers from their own websites... this is not the place to steal content from just because you want more money from your ads.

I still think you're stealing my photo anyway, and I don't want to be linked to you!
That's ok! You can comment on the article or send me an email to file your request. I can change the image so that there's no link, or I can take down the article completely. You just need to say so.

Why aren't you updating Nanao's Cosplay Research anymore?
Sanriotown bought the blog and all of its previous contents from the blog's beginnings until February 25, 2010 from me, as they wanted to try and update it themselves. We came to an agreement, and now that blog is being taken cared of by someone else.

And there we have it, folks! If you have any more questions you'd like to add to the F.A.Q. section, feel free to leave a comment or email me at kurohiko@gmail.com!

14 March 2010

Vampire Knight: Ichijou Takuma 02

vampire knight cosplay - ichijou takuma 02A close friend of Shiki Senri and Touya Rima, Ichijou's grandfather allowed him to enter Cross academy so that he could spy on the pure blood, Kuran Kaname. Ichijou refused to follow his grandfather's orders out of loyalty, but when Kuran Rido possessed Shiki, he was forced to go against Kaname in order to protect his friends. He returns to Kaname's side once Shiki was freed, going so far as challenging his own grandfather to put an end to the Ichijou line.

Deviant Cosplayer *ac024, also known as Chen Mei Yi, makes a beautiful Ichijou. Thank you for sharing this with us! And we are most certainly looking forward to more of your cosplays soon!

13 March 2010

Sekirei: Musubi

unknown cosplay 044 / sekirei cosplay - musubiI have no idea who this one is either, but she's from Winter Comiket 2009, and she looks like a fighter to me. Maybe she's from a game I haven't played yet?

I have to admit though, her costume is really cute. I love the ribbon details on her outfit. Who knew you could string the ribbons on your stockings?

Guesses are definitely welcome! Oh, and in case you're wondering why I don't reply to emails lately, it's because I have too many contributions coming in! I will try to feature them all, so please be patient with me! Thank you for all the beautiful photos! Keep sending, and keep a look out for new posts on Cosplay Holic!

EDIT: Thanks to anon and Furei for commenting that this is Musubi from Sekirei!

12 March 2010

Chobits: Chi 08

chobits cosplay - chi 08As a Chobit, Chi is highly advanced compared to other persocoms. She has the ability to read data from other persocoms without opening a direct channel with them. When Chi accidentally wore Omura Yumi's Chiroru uniform, she became upset and ran away in tears. The bakery's manager, Hiroyasu Ueda, then asked Chi to call Yumi's phone (which is a small persocom) in order to find out where she went; however, Chi was actually able to locate Yumi without calling her persocom.

Cute cosplay! And I know a certain reader who adores this series as much as I do. Thanks to Yayoi-san for sharing this with us!