25 January 2009

Vampire Knight: Kuran Kaname 05

vampire knight cosplay - kuran kaname 05If there is one cosplay series I can't seem to get enough of, it's Vampire Knight; specifically, Kuran Kaname.

There are simply far too many great cosplays of the series out there that I can't help but feature them. The anime has been finished, and the manga has a few chapters left. It would be interesting to see what the mangaka has in store for us in the end.

Please do choose your favorite Kaname cosplayer from what I have so far! I'd love to hear your opinions. :3


  1. i think this one could be my favorite kaname :)
    they got the hair perfect.

    (btw, somehow a soubi got categorized w/ the VN stuff. just letting you know.)

  2. Yeah, mine too... S/he's got the attitude right.

    Oh that? it's because I mentioned Kaname in that post. Stay cosplayed as Soubi and Kaname that's why the search showed up that way. :D

  3. Cool... Lovin' the scenes and characters :D


  4. so cute! Looks exactly like kaname ^^

  5. I just realized this Kaname cosplayer is missing his necktie... And his button on his jacket in undone. *o*;;; Not that we're complaining though!

  6. Yeah this cosplay is very good, but why do you think that the manga is ending? I don't have this feeling. I'm freakin lacking in info about Kaname's past, Kaien past, future stuff etc. There are still many possibilities...