14 March 2010

Vampire Knight: Ichijou Takuma 02

vampire knight cosplay - ichijou takuma 02A close friend of Shiki Senri and Touya Rima, Ichijou's grandfather allowed him to enter Cross academy so that he could spy on the pure blood, Kuran Kaname. Ichijou refused to follow his grandfather's orders out of loyalty, but when Kuran Rido possessed Shiki, he was forced to go against Kaname in order to protect his friends. He returns to Kaname's side once Shiki was freed, going so far as challenging his own grandfather to put an end to the Ichijou line.

Deviant Cosplayer *ac024, also known as Chen Mei Yi, makes a beautiful Ichijou. Thank you for sharing this with us! And we are most certainly looking forward to more of your cosplays soon!

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