10 March 2010

Nana: Osaki Nana

nana cosplay - osaki nanaThe tough looking punk rocker with a kind heart, Nana Osaki is the vocalist of the band called Black Stones, which is also known as Blast. Raised by her grandmother after being abandoned by her parents, Nana was expelled from high school after being falsely accused of prostitution. These hardships may have led to her dark and possessive behavior, going so far as to hooking up Komatsu Nana with her guitarist, Terashima Nobuo so that she could keep Komatsu Nana by her side.

Impressive cosplay! I've never seen the series, but I do love the way she customized her eyepatch with chains instead of elastic. Thanks to Miguel for sending this in!


  1. Hi, I've heard that this girl is the lead singer of Fra-foa, a Japanese indie band that disbanded a while ago. Not sure, but just putting it out there...

  2. Really? I'll look into it, thank you! :)