19 March 2010

Bleach: Soi Fon

bleach cosplay - soi fonBorn to be known as Shaolin Fon, Soi Fon is the captain of the 2nd Division, replacing Shihoin Yoruichi, her former captain who abandoned her post to aid Urahara Kisuke in leaving Soul Society. As she served Yoruichi as a bodyguard and eventually becomes her protege, Soi Fon felt abandoned that Yoruichi did not take her during the escape. It takes a century before she sees her former captain once more, challenging her in battle in order to ask the questions left unanswered.

Beautiful and very daring cosplay! She looks so convincingly like Soi Fon that it feels like she jumped out of the manga! Thanks to Ana for sending this in!


  1. I'm a great fan of bleach and I know that cosplaying Soifon will only be awesome when she has her Zanpakatou in Bankai form. I really want to see cosplayers to create Jakuhou Raikouben.