26 March 2010

Bleach: Ulquiorra Schiffer 03

bleach cosplay - ulquiorra schiffer 03

One of the first Arrancar to be introduced, Ulquiorra Schiffer went to the Human World alongside Yammy Riyalgo with orders from Aizen Sosuke to seek out Kurosaki Ichigo. When Ulquiorra analyzed Ichigo's reiatsu and its growth potential, he concluded that Ichigo was of no threat to Aizen and left without killing him. Unfortunately, Ulquiorra will soon come to realize that his initially findings were dead wrong.

Another beautiful cosplay sent in by Ana! I love this character very much, but his demise left me speechless. Thanks for sharing this with us!


  1. Such a cool pose! This picture would make a great drawing...I think I'm forming an idea here. And yes, he demise left me speechless too. So sad :(

  2. He was probably one of my favorite antagonists from Bleach. Ah well, guess you can't win them all. :(

  3. NOW that art at is finest

  4. Awesome impersonation and cos, everything... he even has almost the exact same face expression... F*ing awesome ! Great job !