15 February 2016

Hetalia: Axis Powers: Hungary 03

hetalia: axis powers cosplay - hungary / elizabeta hedervary by teru terumiiHungary was a nomadic girl who loved to chase horses on the plains. She was a tomboyish girl who believed herself to be a boy until she hit puberty. She is described to be a reliable older sister, and the manliest character in the series.

In 2008, Himaruya gave human names to some of the characters in Hetalia: Axis Powers. Hungary received the name Elizabeta Héderváry.

I still haven’t been able to read or watch this series yet, but does anyone remember this cosplayer? She is Teru Terumii, who was featured on Cosplay Holic before as Alice Baskerville and Hatsune Miku!

I hope you will continue to support her through her Blog and Facebook! Thanks to Ivan for sending this in!

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