06 February 2016

Sailor Moon: Kumada Yuuichirou

sailor moon cosplay - kumada yuuichirou by thedarkenedelf

In his first appearance, Kumada Yuuichirou was sleeping on the steps in front of Hikawa Shrine. He fell in love with Hino Rei at first sight and begged her grandfather to allow him to become an apprentice at the shrine. Rei’s grandfather trained Yuuichirou vigorously and he continued to work hard in order to become a better version of himself.

I never thought anyone would be interested into cosplaying this character! I loved Yuuichirou very much, and thought he would be a perfect match for Rei, but since he’s an anime-only character, I guess that could only happen in fan fiction! Anyway, please support the cosplayer, The Darkened Elf, through Deviant Art, Facebook, and Tumblr! Thanks to Rikachan for sending this in!

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