01 February 2016

Final Fantasy XIII: Éclair Farron aka Lightning 05

final fantasy xiii cosplay - lightning by kiyorami kanon 「泣いたっていいんだよ」 君が不意にそう言ってくれたから
You suddenly said, “You can cry if you want”
なんだか嬉しくて 涙じゃなく笑顔がこぼれた
Somehow it made me happy, instead of tears I smiled不器用すぎる言葉で 君を傷つけてしまった
My words so clumsy, they hurt you
それでも離れたりしないで 今もこうして支えになってくれてるんだ
But I don’t want you to leave me, I want you to stay beside me

叶えたい願い 叶えたい夢
Wishes and dreams I want to come true
届けたい 想いすべて
The feelings I wish I could tell you
信じ続ける事が 奇跡を呼んで
A miracle created from the things I’ve always believed
Is connected to the futureずっと ねぇずっと 見守っていて欲しい
Always, always I want you to watch over me

Dear my friend

“Because You’re Here”
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Amazing Lightning cosplay by Japanese cosplayer, Kiyorami Kanon (響羅美 奏音)! This simple, front view shot of the cosplayer really makes her look like a CG character! Please be sure to follow and support her on Twitter and World Cosplay! Thanks to Leia for sending this in!

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