25 February 2013

Pandora Hearts: Alice Baskerville 02

pandora hearts cosplay - alice baskerville by teru terumii
Source: Teru Terumii~ (。・ω・。)- テルテルミ on Facebook
Alice Baskerville lost her memories some time ago and is determined to get them back, not realizing that she was responsible for her own amnesia. She was actually in Sablier when the city was dragged into the Abyss, a time filled with painful memories involving her mother, Lacie, and Levi Baskerville. It was revealed that Alice was actually one of twins who would later be merged with the Core of the Abyss in order for Levi to attain the power of the Abyss.

And I will leave it at that lest I spoil anything more. Now, I would like to introduce you all to Teru Terumii a Singaporean cosplayer who is “crazy about Totoro and Nyanko Sensei”! Please visit her Facebook Page and World Cosplay Page to give her your support and see more of her beautiful cosplays! Thanks again to Teru for letting feature her!

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